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Alien creature
This alien creature was created by Jacob Barna.
Epic Tales afterschool program is a program where students of different types of talents work together to make wonderful stories. This program was inspired by the resurgence in the popularity of graphic novels and comic books with school aged children. The goal is to bring together students with talents in writing, art and technology to create an Epic Tale of their own. A article in journal of adolescent & adult literacy states that students creating comics can improve literacy as well as creativity. It gives students that are more Spatial/visual thinkers a differentiated way to express their ideas because it help students visualize scenarios more easily. The article says that "Constructing and sharing comic books is an essential ingredient to a holistic approach to language arts instruction" (Morrison, 2002, pg.759). The use of comic books is an excellent way to get students personally involved with reading (Morrison, 2002). 
The First Issue, Epic Tales #1 is here!
Click here to view it as a PDF.