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  Mission Statement  


Hillside Intermediate School is a positive learning community in which all students will meet their maximum potential. By providing an environment rich in social, emotional and academic experiences, all students will aspire to become lifelong learners.

At Hillside, we promote each child's success and happiness through a rigorous academic program relevant to students' lives; the modeling of respect and positive social relationships; as well as the opportunity to explore interests through a variety of offerings. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the nurturing and engaging culture we have created at our school.

  About The School  

The History of Hillside Intermediate School

Naugatuck High School (c. 1910) currently Hillside Intermediate School
Naugatuck High School (c. 1910) currently Hillside Intermediate School

"A Tradition of Excellence"

Although our school bares a new name, it has a rich history and is a treasured part of the Naugatuck community.  Given to the town in 1905 by philanthropist John Howard Whittemore, this beautiful marble and granite structure was designed by the famous architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White.  Sitting a top a winding brick road, our school overlooks the Town Green and Salem Elementary School.  This "jewel on the hill" also once appeared in Ripley's Believe It of Not for having three ground level entrances on three different floors and all on the same road.

Our school began as the Borough's first high school.  During the Flood of 1955, the Naugatuck Police Station was relocated to our school.  It was there that emergency and rescue operations were headquartered. In 1959 when the "new" Naugatuck High School was built on Rubber Avenue our school was renamed Hillside Middle School.  In 1962, the school survived a devastating fire which gutted most of the interior but left the exterior of the building in tact.  The school remained a middle school for 51 years; during that time it had only three principals.  Mr. Joseph Ruccio (1959-1975), Mr. Robert Markovic (1975-1993) and Mr. Brian Sullivan (1993-2010). In the summer of 2010 our school was once again renamed.  Hillside Intermediate School is now the home to approximately 400 fifth and sixth grade students. 

While the name has changed over the years, the tradition of excellence continues.  Hillside Intermediate School, "Home of the Eagles", looks forward to building on the school's rich history of educating Naugatuck's children.